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We're incredibly proud of our work at Scalp Perfect and the transformations shown on our Before and After page - yet nothing gives us a bigger buzz than hearing back from our clients after their treatments.

We're sharing the reviews below so you can hear (and see) the results of our treatments, straight from our customers themselves. 



"It's changed everything, my confidence, my self esteem. I feel much more comfortable in myself. 

I was totally relaxed, made to feel valued. I walked out of the studio feeling like a million dollars."


- Steve



"I absolutely love it. I get a lot of compliments. You feel that Daniel has your best interests at heart, all the way through. I have full confidence in Daniel and his product and service.

- Marc

I feel like a new person


"The results from the procedure were way better than I expected and I am really happy with the outcome. It is amazing how this relatively pain free procedure has changed the look of my hair line.


I would highly recommend Dan, based on his professionalism, friendly manner and attention to detail. He made me feel comfortable from start to finish and all in a clean and welcoming environment.


Thanks again for all your help!"

- Fernan


"I've had SMP from Dan over the past 6 weeks. I must say it's been an absolute pleasure to have Dan work on me.


From the moment he invited me to see him in action, all the way through to the procedure - it's been life changing. The support I received along the way has been amazing.


Dan has offered advice and support the whole way. Thank you Dan!"

- Attif

I love it and feel it makes me look younger


"I started losing my hair in my twenties. I looked at some of the options like transplants and so on but for me they all seemed a bit too complicated and involved. I just ended up wearing baseball caps most of the time.

I heard about SMP on the internet and was interested, but the idea still made me a bit nervous.
However, when I met Daniel and looked at the work he was doing and talked to him, it put me at ease.

I’m very pleased with the results. I can’t tell exactly where my hair ends and the SMP starts, the blend is so good, it looks really natural.
I love it and feel it makes me look younger. I couldn’t be happier. It has brought my confidence back. It’s amazing!"

- Wayne

Dan spoke at length with me to ensure I got what I wanted

"As soon as I spoke with Dan I felt confident he was going to provide me with what I was looking for. Initially I was worried about the pain that having hair tattooing would cause, but it really wasn't that bad after all.

SMP has made me feel younger and my hair look a lot thicker. Before I had the treatment I would worry a lot about the way my hair looks I now no longer worry about the way my hair looks thanks to the great job Dan did!."

- Tammie


"Following cancer treatment my hair never fully grew back. I had tried many other treatments (Rogaine, Finasteride, Toppik etc) but these were far from effective.

To say I am pleased with the Scalp Perfect treatment is an under-statement and the results literally speak for themselves. I am totally impressed with the density and coverage of my hair now and certainly feel more youthful for it. No more thinning crown and my hairline is back where it should be. 

Daniel is a true professional and takes great amounts of patience and attention to detail throughout the process. I cannot recommend enough."

- Andreas

A great experience all round with scalp perfect

"After having previously had a hair transplant, I was left with two large, unsightly scars on the back of my head. Although not visible to me everyday, I was self conscious and aware that they were there and for years just had to put up with them.

I only heard about Scalp Micropigmentation recently, but after lots of research and looking at the results online I decided to go ahead.  

I chose Scalp Perfect as they were not only producing great work, but were also local. Daniel walked me through the process and was great throughout. Extremely pleased with the finished look and would recommend a treatment with Scalp Perfect to anyone considering it!"

- Tony

Ian - full head treatment

" I've gone from pretty much bald all over to having a wicked shaved head look with Scalp Perfect. I was a bit nervous about the process but Daniel helped me understand what the process is with SMP and what the results will look like after each session and told me about the aftercare advice. Well happy with the outcome, and would definitely recommend Daniel and Scalp Perfect."


Steve - full head treatment

" I would recommend anyone who is not happy with their hair to get in touch with Daniel ASAP.

Daniel was extremely helpful and understanding throughout the entire process and was great when it came to calming my nerves before the first session. I can tell you it really isn’t as painful as you might think.

After just 3 sessions, my hairline is back! It looks really natural and has taken years off my appearance. The best bit? People aren’t even sure what has changed about me, they just keep giving me compliments.

My advice, get in touch today and see what I’m talking about! "


David - scar cover up (from hair transplant)

" I got in touch with Dan after years of having to deal with a scar on the back of my head that was caused by a hair transplant. Long story short, I had to grow a layer of hair above the scar to comb over but I wasn't fooling anyone.
I had two sessions with Dan and my only regret is I didn't do it sooner. I no longer comb over as it can be shaved short now and it looks like normal hair. Really happy with the result. "


Glen - crown area SMP to add density

" Extremely happy with what my new hair looks like. I had a patch of hair that had thinned out on my crown area and it was on my mind whenever I got ready to go out. It got to the point where I had started to stay at home more often than not. I had two sessions at Scalp Perfect and am so pleased I actually went. The bald patch is barely noticeable now and it really has given me back my confidence."



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